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Promoting the Private Sector for Sustainable Development

Business Development Services (BDS)

Business development services (BDS) are support offered by the company to micro and small enterprises, and commercial farmers including beekeepers, to enable them improve their performance and competitiveness. There are three complementary sets of generic Business development services, namely:

Entrepreneurship Skills Development Training: In this training, participants develop critical characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, learn how to improve on current businesses, identify good business opportunities, and make simple business plans that will direct them to success.

Micro enterprise/Business management training: that enables participants to manage their business professionally, and in a competitive and profitable way.

Business mentoring and counseling These are follow-up support services and they augment the various trainings above.

Microfinance Development sServices (MFS)

WENIPS targets specifically Tier Four microfinance organizations (MFOs) that include Savings and credit cooperative organizations (SACCOs), and village savings and loan associations (VSLAs). Services Offered to SACCOs/SACCOs include mobilization for formation of SACCOs, management and governance trainings for SACCOs, performance monitoring, resource mobilization, product development and refinement, technical backstopping and auditing, and linkages for support for SACCOs/SACCOs.

VSLAs are informal financial groups that target the marginalized poor who cannot easily access financial services offered by the more formalized SACCOs. The services offered by WENIPS include mobilization for formation of VSLAs, training groups in VSLA methodologies, supervisions of formed groups and monitoring and evaluation of their performance. The goal of VSLAs is to build the capacity of community groups so that they are able to increase household security through accumulation of assets {cash and property} through savings, basic insurance services, and to offer loans to members for productive and emergency purposes.

Agriculture and Agribusiness Development

WENIPS promotes SPECIFIC income-generating technologies, namely:
Fruit processing, especially Mango drying and juice processing. This is important because all the districts in the region have plenty of mangoes that go to waste during the bumper harvest.

Cassava processing into Gari (or dried cassava flour) and other associated products. Cassava is a key staple food crop in the region and the processing helps in storing for longer period and value addition for market.

Apiculture as a strategic enterprise: this is done by training farmers in modern apiary management, and by also setting apiary and sunflower demonstration sites in appropriate

Biogas and energy saving stoves: A technology that utilizes cow dung to generate biogas used for household cooking and lighting is of great interest to communities with a lot of cattle but few trees.

Cross cutting Issues/services

WENIPS offers auxiliary services that are designed to address issues of cross cutting nature that negatively impact on people’s livelihood in general and also exact significant direct or indirect negative effects on businesses. Our current focus is on:

Gender issues

HIV/AIDS at the work place;

Environment /biodiversity conservation;


Human rights

Conflict resolution and management and post war recovery programme activities and;

Business information dissemination through ICT

Cross-cutting issues are usually mainstreamed into our core services through they are sometimes provided as stand-alone projects e.g. HIV/AIDS at the most vulnerable business enterprises.