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Promoting the Private Sector For Sustainability Development

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West Nile Private Sector Development Promotion Centre LTD.


We beleive in teamwork and collaboration


We have concern for the poor and marginalised


Our work relies on honesty


We believe in Cretivity and innovations for better growth

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Our Services

Our Mandate is Promotion of Private sector led growth and development and Acts as a Hub for public-private dialogue

Business Development Services (BDS)

Business development services (BDS) are support offered by the company to micro and small enterprises, and commercial farmers including beekeepers, to enable them improve their performance and competitiveness.

Microfinance Development Services (MFS)

WENIPS targets specifically Tier Four microfinance organizations (MFOs) that include Savings and credit cooperative organizations (SACCOs), and village savings and loan associations (VSLAs).


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Promoting the Private Sector for Sustainable Development. Ending Poverty.